Communication with service users and local community members is vital to achieve a service that will meet stakeholder aspirations.

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Communication with service users, local residents, tenants and all other members of the public is vital to deliver a customer focussed service that meets the needs of all stakeholders and continually adapts to meet their evolving aspirations.

Quadron commits to working collaboratively with its clients to engage positively with local community organisations to achieve this goal. We have effective relationships with many "Friends of" groups, sports associations, residents' groups and local business enterprises. Some of the projects that Quadron has been involved with, sponsored or managed are described in the Case Studies on the right.

Community food growing area in Kingston

We also play an active role in assisting local communities and businesses with their In Bloom entries, providing advice, support, sponsorship and often materials and labour.

One of the ways in which Quadron addresses the sometimes conflicting demands of delivering the core specification of a contract whilst considering the various interests of multiple internal and external stakeholders is through the employment of Horticultural Development Managers and Head Gardeners. Free of commercial pressures, the post holders are able to develop strong community links and work with the various interested parties to develop the service and gain funding for specific projects.

One of Quadron's key management appointments has been that of the Corporate Horticultural Development role. This has enabled further development of community links and partnership working with third sector organisations, charities and voluntary groups for example the environmental regeneration charity, Groundwork.

Case Studies:

Quadron & Paragon residents get           Quadron & Affinity Sutton partner
creative for Fun Day                                     for Community Action Day

School children join Quadron for               Helping Paragon Residents to
'Day of Caring' in Battersea Park                get growing


Quadron and volunteers give                      Local residents get growing in Grange hospital gardens some TLC                       Park


Community poppy planting event                Community Gardens Blooming -                                                                             RHS Re-use Scheme 2014

Paragon residents create                         Quadron & volunteers transform
Hanging Baskets for Hampton                garden areas for residents
Court Flower Show

Day of Caring at Battersea Park               Supporting the establishment of
                                                                        Friends Groups

Stamping out boredom with Paragon      Local communities receive plants
                                                                         and materials from RHS Show

Canbury Court Clean-up event                   Resident Inspector Training

Hammersmith Park Volunteer Day           Conservation Area Community Day
                                                                         at Ravenscourt Park

          Burgess Park Open Day                   Quadron's recipe for Green Flag

Charter School planting at Dulwich           Time Warner Group Corporate
Park                                                                  Volunteering Day