The core value of the company's philosophy is that the customer relationship is paramount.

In Quadron's experience, the defining factor of a successful client contractor relationship is a mutual understanding of the respective aspirations of each party and consequently Quadron only tenders where it believes it can genuinely enhance service levels and add value through its deep commitment.

Commitment - Quadron shows commitment over and above the call of duty. No customer relationship is too small, and whilst the company is big enough to be financially and technically effective, due to its structure and personalities there is Board level involvement with each and every client.

Partnership - A partnership attitude is adopted even where there is no official agreement in place. We stand alongside our clients, providing support and advice and in the rare instances where things do go wrong we are always prepared to shoulder our responsibilities and confront the problem..

Long-term - Quadron believes in developing long-term relationships governed not as much by contractual terms and conditions as by a congruence of final objectives. Wider issues are incorporated such as environmental considerations and the provision of a healthy and safe workplace for employees and public and a secure future for a well-trained committed local workforce.

Quality and Excellence - By operating ISO 9001 accredited quality systems we can guarantee our levels of quality. Through the use of benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators we ensure continuous improvement in all our standards, year on year, resulting in best value as well as improved service quality.

Transparency - We pride ourselves on our honesty. We work very closely with our customers to solve problems and achieve maximum value. We always welcome an "open-book" approach so that the relationship between cost and quality is totally visible to the client.