Employee of the Month Awards

Recognition and reward for exemplary employees

  • Vito Denaro - Kingston-upon-Thames

    Joint winner - April 2016

    Vito has been chosen as one of April's Employees of the Month in recognition of his hard work over an 18 month period to bring the Kingston Housing contract to the high standard it is at now. He always shows both dedication and commitment to his work.

  • Daniel Laynes & Kirk Tindall - Wycombe

    Joint winners - April 2016

    Daniel and Kirk received April's Employee of the Month award for their hard work and commitment on Quadron idverde's new Marlow Town Council contract. They have received compliments from local residents, including the following: "I'm writing to tell you how impressed I have been with your team in Marlow. I have spotted them several times over the last few days working so hard to ensure Marlow is looking beautiful."

  • Alec Edwards - Charnwood

    Joint Winner - April 2016

    Alec was selected as a joint winner of the Employee of the Month Award due to him continuously showing dedication and enthusiasm while carrying out repairs and the day-to-day running of the workshop. Alec always demonstrates a positive attitude and is willing to put himself forward for any task.

  • Darren Wilding, Graham Andrews and Dave Connolly - Birmingham Hall Green / Selly Oak

    Winners - March 2016

    This team were chosen as Employees of the Month for their help and contribution to the 'Clean for the Queen' weekend in Birmingham on 6th March, when they supported local communities in litter picking and tidying up their neighbourhoods as part of a national campaign. The team received praise from Birmingham City Council's Head of Parks for their professional and helpful attitude.

  • Chris Charlesworth and Douglas Neale - Charnwood

    Joint winners - February 2016

    Chris and Douglas were selected as joint Employees of the Month for February for demonstrating high levels of dedication and customer focus.

    Chris has been praised through customer surveys for his friendly attitude and for taking the time to explain the work he carries out and why. Douglas is committed to achieving the best results he can while carrying out his fine turf maintenance duties, often starting work before 6am to ensure all bowling greens are ready for play by 10am. Congratulations to Chris and Douglas.

  • Dan Coomansingh, Brenda Esprit, Lewis Coyne, Chris Coyne, Angelo Merino, Simon Jordan, Bill Potter, Les Ambridge, Kevin Shrub - Bi-borough Cemeteries Team (Gunnersbury Cemetery)

    Winners January 2016

    The Gunnersbury Cemetery team was selected for this award for their team work and contribution when a grave collapsed prior to a funeral taking place. Their co-operation with each other meant the situation was rectified in a professional and sensitive manner which allowed a dignified service for the family.

  • Paul Hoffman and Paul Goodfellow - Ad-hoc team, Wokingham

    Joint winners July 2015

    The two Pauls have been described as the backbone of the ad-hoc team and, in the last four and a half months, they have responded to 350 call outs and generated a considerable amount of income.

    They consistently deliver a high standard of work and they are committed and dedicated to the continuous improvement of the borough.

  • Ian Andrews, Ken Bloxham, Tony Barr, Malcom Ward & Babatunde Ogidan - Bishop's Park Maintenance Team, Hammersmith & Fulham

    Joint winners June 2015

    The Bishop's Park team consistently deliver high standards of work and are committed and dedicated to continually improving the park. The team always go about their duties with a positive attitude and are well-liked by both client and public.

    Recently a member of the public contacted Quadron to say: "I am a regular user of Bishops Park and I just wanted to say how wonderful, friendly and hard working the Quadron team are who look after the park. They maintain it beautifully and always have a smile. Also, they have been the same team for a while and really work well together, with all of them turning their hand to something different every day. I cant praise them highly enough."

  • Tom Edwards - Head Gardener, Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, Southwark

    Joint Winner May 2015

    Tom was nominated by Andrew Thorn, Quadron's client officer at Southwark Council, following his assistance with a planting day with a local school.

    Andrew said: "Tom's help to organise the event was greatly appreciated, not only by me, but the school as well. Since I started in April this year, Tom has been a great asset to me, always helpful, keen and nothing is too much trouble. This has also been noticed by the public and friends, who are always remarking on the park."

  • Ben Flynn - Green Keeper, Normand Park, Hammersmith & Fulham

    Joint winner May 2015

    Ben is one of two green keepers on the Hammersmith & Fulham contract. He works under the supervision of the lead green keeper and they look after two greens each. Ben is about to enrol on a green keeper's course.

    Grounds Maintenance Manager, Dave Pickup, says: "The lead green keeper has recently been off sick and during this time Ben has stepped up and taken responsibility for all four bowls greens. He planned the works around the scheduled games, even changing his working hours to ensure greens are ready for games. Ben has been in frequent communication with the bowls clubs so that they know when works will be carried out and we have received very positive feedback from them regarding Bens attitude and standard of work."

  • Paul Sellars - Apprentice, Peckham Rye Park, Southwark

    Winner April 2015

    Despite only joining Quadron earlier this year, Paul has already received much praise for his attitude and professionalism.

    He recently assisted Peckham Rye Park's Head Gardener, Sissel Dahl, to lead a session with a group of volunteers, who later contacted Quadron to say: "Paul was fantastic, patient and, for a person who has just started, very knowledgeable".

    Paul has also received praise from Quadron's Client, with Southwark Councils Wil Walpole, commenting: "Paul has been keen, polite, eager to learn and seems able to pick up what is required very quickly. I have been particularly impressed with his general disposition, which is always very positive; just the type of attitude that is required in a public park where customer service can be as important as horticultural excellence."

  • Andrew Mitchell - Apprentice Ranger, Charnwood

    Winner March 2015

    Andrew was nominated by Horticultural Development Manager Nicola Clarke, who says: "I would like to nominate Andrew Mitchell for demonstrating his commitment to Quadron by agreeing to work his rest day withour hesitation to help the Charnwood management team deliver a corporate volunteering day for 47 members of the Asda George Supply Team.

    "Andy's easy going nature makes him a pleasure to work alongside and I was particularly impressed by his outstanding professionalism, communication and practical skills when working with the volunteers. We could not have delivered such a successful day without Andys help, or indeed, his considerable practical skills."

  • Daryl Whetter and Greg Heath - Charge Hands, Croydon

    Joint winners February 2015

    Daryl and Greg have proved themselves to be a formidable team when undertaking additional or specialist projects, leading to increased revenue and client and resident satisfaction. Their work has received praise from both the client and members of the public, and they certainly promote the Quadron culture for excellence.

  • Trevor Munro and Ian Hughes - Charnwood

    Joint Winners January 2015

    Trevor and Ian were successful in achieving the Employee of the month award as they always show outstanding commitment in the work they carry out. Over the Christmas period they were both flexible by coming in to work even though they had annual leave booked. Trevor and Ian are very enthusiastic with the work they undertake in the cemetery and have helped form an excellent relationship between Quadron and the cemetery officers.

  • Nigel Webster, Glenn Martins, Peter Davies - Fine Turf Sports Team, Croydon

    Winner October 2014

    The Fine Turf Sports Team was collectively nominated for the Employee of the Month by Quadron Supervisor, Steve Kimber, who says: "This team have achieved productivity targets on all the Autumn renovation work on the cricket tables, bowling greens and golf sites, adhering to the strict deadline set by the client, despite a team member being off sick. Their attitudes were very positive and their teamwork and commitment played a major role in delivering the requirements of our client, Croydon Council."

  • Steve Hinton - Cemeteries Operative, Southwark

    Winner September 2014

    Steve has been seconded to assist the Cemetery and Crematorium team for several months. The work involves all aspects of customer welcoming, chapel attendance and assisting in the allocation of paperwork, amongst other duties.

    Steve has received numerous compliments from Quadrons client, Southwark Council, as we as funeral directors, for his helpful and professional attitude, especially when dealing with members of the public.

    The following compliment was received from Sam Rees, Southwark Council's Cemeteries & Crematorium Operations Manager: "I would like to note Steve Hinton as one of the most committed, hardworking contractors I have ever come across and have to say his manner, behaviour and professional conduct is of an extremely high standard."

  • Connor Hubbuck, Richard Davies, James Barnett and K. Davies - Mowing Team 1, Birmingham Hall Green

    Joint Winners July 2014

    Contract Manager, John Timothy, nominated the four staff who make up Mowing Team 1 as joint Employees of the Month. He says: "Since I put this four-man team together they have consistently hit their targets, as well as helping on our larger sites while another unit was down temporarily. The team continues to work through all that is asked of them, including taking on hedge cutting and summer shrub bed work following a change in the grass cutting regime from fortnightly to three-weekly cuts."

  • Paul Webb and Lee Webb - Gravediggers, Wandsworth

    Joint Winners June 2014

    Paul and his brother Lee are dedicated members of the cemetery team. They were nominated for the Employee of the Month award by Quadron's Contract Manager after a misunderstanding meant that a grave had been prepared at the wrong cemetery in advance of a funeral. Paul and Lee immediately made safe the existing grave and drove to the cemetery where the funeral was about to take place. Showing great consideration and respect for the funeral party, a new grave was carefully prepared so that the funeral could then proceed. Paul and Lee also received praise and a small award from Quadron's client for having dealt with this difficult situation with the utmost professionalism.

  • Clive Ward - Green Spaces Ranger, Wycombe

    Winner May 2014

    Clive was nominated by Wycombe Contract Manager, Garin Ferguson, who says: "Since Clive joined Quadron last August he has excelled in every aspect of his role. He has had a positive impact on the contract, achieving cost savings with regards to repairs to buildings and play equipment. Clive has embraced all the training offered to him and is now a qualified Driving Assessor and RoSPA Certified Operational Playground Inspector.

    "Clive's professional and courteous attitude has been noted, not only by colleagues, but also by the client and members of the public. He is an integral part of the team and a pleasure to work with."

  • Matt Thompson - Contract Administrator, Birmingham

    Winner April 2014

    Matt was nominated by Ladywood Contract manager, Andy Court, for his diligence in what has been a very busy time. Not only has Matt kept on top of managing the systems and administration for the Birmingham contracts, he has also been spending time in Loughborough supporting the new Charnwood contract and helping the administrator there to become familiar with the company's systems. Andy says, "Matt always makes sure he presents a professional impression of Quadron and is always happy to help his colleagues. He is also working towards becoming a Lantra Trainer, which will further broaden his abilities to share the skills and knowledge he has gained."

  • Jackie Kerrigan - Business Development Administrator, The Hub

    Winner March 2014

    Jackie supported the Senior Management Team by co-ordinating the mobilisation process for the Charnwood and Croydon, which commenced in 2014. She also supported Quadron's Training Manager, Elaine Callaghan, in the introduction of new Personal Development Logs for all of the company's staff. Elaine says, "Jackie was tasked with the job of sourcing a company to produce a binder and calculating the stationery that would be needed to complete the task. She then assembled the document and printed and compiled the logs for Quadron's 900 staff, all while keeping up with her normal work. Jackie displayed excellent time management and organisation skills and, as a result, the new logs were ready for launch to all staff across the business in line with the planned timescales. We couldnt have achieved this without Jackies hard work and dedication."

  • Mark Gunnell - Driver Gardener, Birmingham Hodge Hill

    Winner February 2014

    Mark was nominated for the Employee of the Month Award by Hodge Hill Contract Manager, Tony Jones, for his willingness to take on any task and help his colleagues, as well as completing work to a very high standard.
    The company has received several compliments praising Mark's hard work and positive attitude: The Chair of Yorkswood Residents contacted Quadron to say, "I would like to give a special mention to Mark who led the team on the ground who worked very hard to enhance the area." Mark has also been praised by the Performance Manager at Hodge Hill District Office, who said, "Mark is always helpful and is a visible presence in the park."

  • Rick Jelley - Supervisor, Normand Park, Hammersmith & Fulham

    Winner December 2013

    Rick was nominated for this months award by Quadron's Grounds Maintenance Manager, Dave Pickup, for his strong all-round leadership and organisational abilities.

    Dave says, "Rick has become a massive asset to the contract; he is continually working with the teams to address any issues they have and leads the way with Health and Safety by constantly checking staff have the correct PPE, as well as looking after his vehicle, driving in a safe manner and ensuring other are doing the same. On top of this Rick has taken responsibility for managing stock of tools, uniform and PPE, ensuring we never run out, and makes sure staff complete any outstanding e-learning modules. As well as these tasks, Rick carries out his day-to-day supervisory duties, carrying out site inspections and organising improvements where needed.

    "Rick has an excellent relationship with both the staff and client; he leads from the front and has earned the respect of all who work with him."

  • Trevor Edge - Head Groundsman Kings Heath Cricket Club/Moseley Rugby Club

    Winner November 2013

    Trevor works as Head Groundsman at Kings Heath Cricket Club where he often works seven days a week during the busy cricket season.

    Birmingham Contract Manager, Paul Spinks, has this to say of Trevor: "Trevor has produced some outstanding work this year. Warwickshire Cricket Club have used the site and commented on our Groundsman's contribution and effort during the season and how good the site looks - a real credit to Trevor's hard work and commitment. Trevor also contributes to the maintenance of Moseley Rugby Club during the winter months, making him a very versatile employee with excellent knowledge and skills. That Trevor can produce excellent playing surfaces for both cricket and rugby means that we can compete with the professional private sector of sports maintenance and he is a very worthy candidate for the Employee of the Month Award."

  • Dave Connolly - Assistant Contract Manager, Birmingham Selly Oak

    Winner October 2013

    Dave Connolly organises the staff and team workload for Birmingham Selly Oak on a daily basis and is also one of Quadron's Lantra-qualified Contract Trainers who is regularly involved with induction training for new staff and ongoing training.

    Dave was nominated for the Employee of the Month Award by Birmingham Contract Manager, Paul Spinks, who says, "Dave is very flexible and very company orientated and is always willing to help within the business anywhere in the country. The company utilised his training skills in helping to set up the Wandsworth contract in March and Dave willingly re-visited the contract recently to help lead a three-day pruning course. He is always enthusiastic and happy to help and is very worthy of this award."

  • Andrew Robinson - Team Leader Gardener, Nunhead Cemetery, Southwark

    Joint Winner September 2013

    When Quadron welcomed a team of corporate volunteers and Groundwork staff to Nunhead Cemetery in September Andrew did an excellent job of supervising the group as they undertook a range of conservation activities.

    Contract Manager, Terry Burns, commented, "Andrew has been a real star and has received compliments from many of the volunteers involved and displayed real leadership skills. Andrew fully deserves this award for September and is going to go really far in Quadron."

  • Dave Perry - Driver/Gardener, Birmingham Ladywood

    Joint Winner September 2013

    Dave was nominated for the Employee of the Month award after a member of the public contacted Quadron to thank Dave for taking the time to clear rubbish at Wheeler Street Park.

    The member of the public saw Dave in the park and pointed out a large amount of rubbish that had been dumped nearby. Dave attended to it immediately and cleared the area and removed four bags full of rubbish, leading the passer-by to contact Quadron to say, "I was very impressed with his attitude and his work."

  • Simon Vale and Graham Cook - Driver/Gardeners, Birmingham Hodge Hill

    Joint Winners August 2013

    Simon and Graham were nominated by Contract Manager, Tony Jones, for stepping in to carry out 35 sports pitches and training grids when the team member usually responsible for this was off sick.

    Tony says, "Simon and Graham came to the rescue. Although both are apprentice trained and have worked in grounds maintenance for a number of years, it had had been several years since they had marked out pitches. They systematically worked through the pitches, liaising with schools, clients and football teams. Although the new three-week mowing cycle created issues with losing the lines as the grass was cut, Simon and Graham acted professionally and were a credit to the company and themselves. They worked very well as a team and a difficult job was completed thanks to their positive attitude."

  • Brian Fairchild and Mark Taylor - Team Leader and Southern Housing Operative, Tandridge

    Joint Winners May 2013

    Contract Manager Damon Lee nominated Brian and Mark as joint Employees of the Month for going the extra mile to ensure that all required tasks were completed to specification and on time.

    Damon says, "During a difficult growing period these two members of the team have stood out from the rest and worked late in the evenings and at weekends to assist and lead staff to ensure all the required works have been completed. They have both done this without any queries and always updated me accordingly on progress and even brought me paperwork and photos during their own time so all contract requirements can been monitored. As well as working on their own contract, Tandridge, they have supported their colleagues on the Surrey School contract and deserve recognition for their hard work."

  • Adrian Bunce - Team Leader, Yardley Cemetery

    Winner April 2013

    Adrian was nominated by Yardley Contract Manager, Phil Garrett, who says, "Adrian is a vital member of the Yardley Contract and is responsible for the largest site, Yardley Cemetery. Completing the work schedule every year is a mammoth task as the site covers a huge area and there are 440,000 grave tops in the cemetery which need cutting around carefully. This work has to be carried out with a great deal of sensitivity and flexibility due to the services that are carried out each week. Equally, Adrian has to deal with enquiries from the public on a daily basis, something he does with compassion and sensitivity at all times. Adrian fully deserves his award for his dedication and tireless effort."

  • Tony Collins - Housing Team Leader, The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

    Joint Winner March 2013

    Tony was nominated by Quadron Development Manager, Hannah Neale, who says, "Tony has worked well to organise his team to prepare 22 flower borders across two housing estates for planting, then planted over 1,000 plants and watered them all in. Not once has he grumbled, despite the very cold weather conditions, and everything hes been asked to do, hes done perfectly.

    "Tony is one of the hardest working, most helpful and positive members of the grounds maintenance staff here at Kingston and deserves to be recognised."

  • Alan Friend - Teignbridge

    Joint Winner March 2013

    Alan was nominated as Employee of the Month following a member of the public writing to their local newspaper to compliment Alan on his work:

    "I write on behalf of regular users of Courtenay Park to ask if you would kindly publish a big thank you to Alan.
    Alan is the gentleman who maintains the park in pristine condition. He also cares for the raised flowerbeds outside the railway station and can be seen working in dreadfully cold and wet weather scrubbing the tiled areas and cleaning the damage caused by vandalism.
    Just now the park looks lovely, with flowerbeds planted, daffodils and crocus in bloom and hedges and shrubs ready for the seasons ahead.
    Well done Alan, we really appreciate your hard work."

  • Lynne Olding, Paul Toal, Rocky Spence, Reg Mercure, Mike Read, Jake Cater-Bassett - Southwark park Team

    Winners February 2013

    The Southwark Park Team was nominated after receiving a number of compliments from London Borough of Southwark staff.

    John Reid, Southwark Park Liaison Officer said, "Many members of the public are telling me daily how great the park is looking. I have also seen that the park looks so good. I believe that this helps my job because people pay more respect to the park when it is looking so great. Today I could not see any litter and everyone I saw from Quadron was working so hard planting, cutting edges, emptying bins and gardening. Thanks again Kenny, Paul, Lynne and everyone in the Quadron team."

    Colleague Andrea Pita added, "I would also like to the say the same. Yesterday I had a walk round the park with members of the public and they could not stop saying how lovely the park was looking. Big thank you to the whole team, our area has never looked better."

  • Pat Wynn and Rebecca Rogers - Tractor Driver and Operative. Medway

    Joint Winners January 2013

    Both Pat and Rebecca have received positive comments from members of the public for their dedication during the recent freezing weather conditions.

    Pat gave up his time over a weekend to come into work and assist his colleagues to grit Strood High Street during the recent snow and bitterly cold weather. This was noted by a member of the public who commended the team's hard work and commented that this was the first time she had known so many of the streets surrounding the High Street to be cleared.

    Rebecca also earned praise for her hard work in helping to grit the icy streets over the weekend. A member of the public contacted Medway Council with the following praise for Rebecca: "I am writing to commend the lady who was shovelling grit onto the streets of Strood on Saturday during the snow She was working so hard at what I would class as a back breaking task Thank you very much Medway Council, but especially to that lady, she deserved a medal in those conditions!"

    Well done to both staff for going the 'extra mile' in difficult weather conditions.

  • Jess Metcalfe - Contract Administrator, Hammersmith & Fulham

    Winner December 2012

    Jess was nominated by Hammersmith & Fulham's Contract Manager and three supervisors for her dedication and attention to detail and her willingness to take on further responsibility. She is a valuable point of contact for staff, oversees purchasing and keeps excellent records, and needs very little guidance as she supports the rest of the team.

    Contract Manager, Tony Potter, commented, "The contract has a very tightly knit management team, of which Jess is a critical element. Jess works tirelessly to ensure the rest of the team are well kitted out and that we have the most relevant up-to-date information regarding Health & Safety issues, company procedures and training. Simply put, she is a very important and valued member of our team."

  • Ayaan Halane, AJai Felicisimo, Robert Macaskill, Cristina Agrelo Nieto - Sports Receptionists, Kensington & Chelsea

    Winners November 2012

    The sports bookings team were nominated were recognised for their hard work and determination in recent months, having ensured Kensington and Chelseas sports bookings and activities are managed successfully month after month.

    Senior Contract Manager, Ben Binnell, also complimented them for their continued excellent work, despite the considerable increase in workload generated by taking on the management of Hammersmith and Fulham's tennis bookings.

  • Damon Lee - Supervisor, Southwark

    Winner October 2012

    Damon was nominated by Southwark's Contract Manager and Assistant Contract Manager who say of Damon: "Due to a forced staff restructure, Damon has recently taken on the Geraldine Mary Harmswoth area of the Contract, as well as running the Southwark area. He now has two sets of client officers to report to and nearly double the number of staff to manage. Damon has carried out this operation without complaint and managed both sets of teams without problems. The teams have responded to Damon's enthusiasm and continued to maintain high scores in both areas.

    "Damon has still found the time to write high standard reports for all of his teams and has even assisted other supervisors with setting up their reports. Damon will always go out of his way to assist a colleague or a Client without complaint."

  • Daniel Dobrotka, Harry Carver and Laszio Hrabovski, Paragon - Grounds Operatives, Paragon

    Winners September 2012

    September saw three team members from Quadron's contract with Paragon Community Housing Group being awarded the Employee of the Month, and Paragon Client officers presenting the staff with their awards.

    Daniel Dobrotka, Harry Carver and Laszio Hrabovski were nominated by contract manager Robert Carver as all have demonstrated commitment, flexibility and a can-do attitude during the start-up of this contract.

    Quadron's MD, Clive Ivil, commented "As always this months decision has been a hard one to make, with a number of very deserving applications being received. Having recently completed the MDs walkabout on the Paragon contract I have seen first-hand the commitment and enthusiasm shown by the staff receiving this month's award and the improvements they have already made to this contract in such a short time."

  • Maria Frutos - Administrator, Kensington & Chelsea

    Winner August 2012

    Maria was nominated for her hard work and dedication by Kensington & Chelsea's Senior Contract Manager, Ben Binnell. In Ben's words: "Maria works tirelessly on the contract, very frequently exceeding her contracted hours. She is happy to help with any job whether in her job description or not and consistently exceeds both Quadron's and our client's expectations."

  • Dennis Tulley & Michael Smith - Team Leader & Assistant Gardener, Nunhead Cemetery, Southwark

    Joint Winners June 2012

    Dennis and Michael have received a number of compliments for their work, including a message from Southwarks Cemeteries Monitoring Officers Candy Edwards and Mark Thompson. They said: "Since Dennis Tulley and Mike Smith started on site we have seen real improvements in Nunhead. We are getting daily compliments about the work they are doing. They are always willing to help visitors to the cemetery. The team has worked extremely hard, especially over the last couple of months in preparation for the Green Flag Awards: Thanks to their hard work, Nunhead is the first cemetery in Southwark to achieve its Green Flag.

    Dennis and Mike have a real sense of ownership of the site, and are constantly looking for ways to make further improvements. They have been keen to learn about ecological management, and have created dead hedges, log piles and stag beetle habitats. Their work with community payback teams and corporate volunteers has been exceptional and they have demonstrated great motivational skills."

  • Tony Sheehan - Kingston-upon-Thames

    Joint winner June 2012

    Tony was nominated by Supervisor Lionel Randall, who said "During this month, Tony has excelled himself by not only completing his weekly tasks of doing his fine turf duties, which involves the care of 6 cricket tables to a high standard, but has also completed a daily playground inspection rotor for our new partners, Paragon."

    Tony also supported Horticultural Development Manager, Andrew Kauffman, with re-distributing materials under the Hampton Court re-use scheme. Andrew says: "Tonys efforts during Hampton Court re-use scheme was outstanding and feedback from Partners at both Groundwork London and The RHS were glowing about the level of dedication shown by Tony at the show. Thanks Tony you are a star and a true asset to Quadron Services."

  • Keith Hall - Supervisor, Hammersmith & Fulham

    Joint Winner June 2012

    Contract Manager, Tony Potter, nominated Keith Hall (pictured) due to his dedication in providing training at short notice to staff on Quadron's Paragon contract. Tony said Keith "is truly an excellent example of the dedicated staff on the Hammersmith & Fulham Contract."

  • Joe Ogunbiyi, Nathan Ben Whittam, Rob Olivierre, Steve Deacon, Jack Thompson, Tom Grealish, Rob May, Oliver Anstee - Supervisor, Team Leader, Head Gardener, Grounds Maintenance Team and Apprentice, Southwark

    Winners May 2012

    Congratulations are due to eight staff at Southwark this month who received a collective nomination for Employee of the Month after Will Walpole, Peckham Rye Park Area Contracts and Services Officer at Southwark Council wrote to Quadron thank Joe and his colleagues for their continued hard work and dedication.

    In Will's words: "Joe is a fantastic asset to your contract in Southwark and to Quadron as a company. I know he often goes well above the call of duty both in his commitment to the parks he looks after and the amount of time he puts in to make sure everything is done. I know he works well beyond his paid time and isn't fearful of getting his hands dirty.

    Joe's hard work and commitment seems to influencing his team as well. In Peckham Rye Park Ben and Rob have worked very hard with the team to focus on the details and they do seem genuinely dedicated to the work they do and making sure that it's always of the highest quality. I am constantly being told by members of the public how wonderful the park is and I know it's down to the work of every member of the team. They also make the park a better place through their attitude, all are approachable and friendly both with me and park users which of course adds to visitor satisfaction and Peckham Rye Park's reputation.

    They've demonstrated great flexibility in working practices as schedules have changed and this has been appreciated by park user groups as well as myself."

  • Dave Connolly - Assistant Manager, Birmingham Selly Oak

    Winner April 2012

    Dave was nominated by Contract Manager Paul Spinks for his hard work making sure that Cotteridge Park looked in peak condition for Green Flag Award judging, and has also received praise from Birmingham City Council's Constituency Parks Manager, who said "Dave is a good example of Partnership working between Birmingham City Council, Quadron and the Community".

    Birmingham Contract Manager, Paul Spinks, says: "Dave organised his staff to make sure that all the extra work as well as the contract work was delivered smoothly, despite difficult weather conditions. Dave always goes the extra mile to make the customer and the client happy with the service he delivers".

  • Joseph Osasenaga - Gardener, Normand Park, Hammersmith & Fulham

    Winner March 2012

    Joseph was nominated for this month's award by Senior Contract Manager, Tony Potter, who says "Since Joe was taken on permanently in October 2011 he has proved to be an invaluable asset to the team at Hammersmith and Fulham.

    He is an excellent team player, keen to see a well-finished job. He is very enthusiastic and highly diligent in all that he does.

    Joe is well liked not only by his colleagues, but also by residents, and is a superb ambassador for Quadron."

  • Lawrence Knowles - Static Gardener, Dulwich Park, Southwark

    Winner February 2012

    Three of Lawrences colleagues on the Southwark contract nominated him for Februarys Employee of the Month Award.

    Lawrence has impressed his colleagues with his dedication and his proactive approach to his work, ensuring each task is completed to a high standard. Recently, Lawrence also took on extra duties while covering a period of absence by his Team Leader and dealt with the extra responsibility admirably.

  • Adbdi Halane - Sports Supervisor, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

    Winner January 2012

    Abdi joined Quadron as a Contract Administrator and soon progressed to Senior Administrator before being promoted to Sports Supervisor for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

    Abdi was presented with his award by Senior Contract Manager, Ben Binnell, who said "Abdi has worked hard to produce a motivated, focussed Sports Reception and has significantly contributed to the success of this contract. He has also significantly improved sports income and sports participation in the Borough."

  • Graham Smalley & Mathew WIlliams - Grounds Maintenance, Birmingham Selly Oak

    Joint Winners December 2011

    Contract Manager Paul Spinks nominated Graham and Mathew as December's Employees of the Month following their selfless actions to help a girl who was a victim of a robbery while in the park.

    Hearing the girl's cries of distress, Graham and Mathew confronted the thief and retrieved her stolen mobile phone.

    Quadron has since received a letter of gratitude from West Midlands Police thanking the two staff for their selfless act. Investigating police officer DC Kate Shakespeare visited Quadron's depot to present Paul and Graham with their awards.

    Paul Spinks, Contract Manager, said: "While we would discourage staff from putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, Paul and Graham's quick actions clearly helped prevent an already serious incident becoming worse. They acted selflessly to help a member of the public and are worthy winners of this months award."

  • John Howe - Ward End Park Keeper, Birmingham Hodge Hill

    Winner November 2011

    John started his career in 1975 working on Birmingham Parks Department's tree section and is due to retire from Quadron in January 2012, having been the Park Keeper at Ward End Park for the last four years.

    During this time John has built up an excellent relationship with the local community and worked very closely with the Friends of Ward End Park group. On learning of John's plans to retire, the group's Chairperson wrote to Quadron to thank him for his hard work and support, commenting that John "has always made himself available in helping the Friends of the Park, even to the point of sometimes rearranging his days off in order to be assistance for some of our Events We shall all be sorry to see him depart and the park will not be the same without him."

    John's Manager, Tony Jones, commented "His welcome nature has reassured users of the park and John's stirling work certainly helped in achieving a Green Flag for the park.

    John is a valuable member of the team, his friendly attitude and willingness to put himself out certainly sets a high benchmark for the next person who takes on this role. He will be missed dearly by the parks users and all his colleagues at Quadron."

  • Paul Toal & Kacper Gniado - Team Leader & Assistant Gardener, Southwark

    Joint Winners, October 2011

    Despite being relatively new to the Southwark Depot, Paul and Kacper have demonstrated hard work and commitment to the sites they care for and have raised already impressive standards to a higher level. A member of the public recently wrote to Southwark Contract Manager, Terry Burns to convey his appreciation for the "fantastic job" Paul and Kacper had done transforming Leathermarket Gardens.

    The high standard of maintenance has meant that one of the sites for which Paul and Kacper are responsible will be entered for Green Flag judging next year and there has been a great deal of interest in starting a Friends of Group.

    Southwark Contract Manager, Terry Burns said of Paul and Kacper, "They are never negative in attitude, no matter what task they are given. They are both well liked in the Southwark team and are always approachable by members of staff and the public."

  • Andy Court - Contract Manager, Ladywood, Birmingham

    Winner, September 2011

    September's Employee of the Month was awarded to Birmingham's Andy Court, Contract Manager for Ladywood Constituency, for his role in partnering Sports for Life International and helping to support the English Cricket Board's initiative in bringing cricket to the community. Andy achieved this by introducing and maintaining two cricket squares on the playing fields of Lordswood School for Girls and Boys.

    A delighted Andy commented, "It is really uplifting for the Ladywood Contract and myself to be recognised for the support we have shown the English Cricket Board. This initiative can only lead to further exciting opportunities with the English Cricket Board and strengthen the role we play within the community."

    Operations Director, Martyn Bradley, stated, "I am thrilled to be presenting Andy with this award for his support of the English Cricket Board and for playing an active role in enabling young boys and girls to enjoy the game of cricket. Quadron is committed to cultivating sustainable green communities and by supporting such a sporting project we are helping to encourage the younger generation to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle by using their green space. This can only be a good thing, for sport in general and the community as a whole."

  • Micky Grimes - Charge Hand, Hammersmith & Fulham

    Joint Winner, August 2011

    Micky has worked at Hammersmith Park for over 20 years overseeing the park, its Japanese gardens, bowling green and tennis courts.

    Contract Manager, Tony Potter, nominated Micky for the award and says: "Mick is a crucial part of the fabric of Hammersmith Park and regards the parks visitors as his customers. He prides himself on a high level of customer service and satisfaction. He has proven to be an excellent green keeper, groundsman and above all else a superb ambassador for both Quadron and the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Council."

    Receiving his award, Micky said: "I love working at Hammersmith Park. For the size of the park there is a lot of variety and history. We recently celebrated the 101 year anniversary of the creation of the Japanese pond and garden.

    It's great working outside and seeing all the seasons and the changing landscape they create. I find my job very rewarding and get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the enjoyment people get from the park."

  • Dave Pickup - Contract Supervisor, Southwark Park

    Joint Winner, August 2011

    Simon Cummins, Southwark Senior Contract Manager, nominated Dave for Employee of the Month in recognition of Dave's excellent leadership qualities and the excellent relationship he has built with his new area client officer, which has contributed to the contract recently achieving its highest ever performance score.

    Dave says, "I am very proud to receive this award, not just for myself, but for all of my team at Southwark Park."

  • Steve Day - Tractor Operative, Medway

    Joint Winner July 2011

    Medway Contracts Manager, Colinda Le Gall nominated Steve Day for Employee of the Month after receiving a letter from a local resident thanking Steve for coming to the assistance of her daughter when her au pair hurt herself in the park. Steve made sure the au pair remained conscious and stayed until further help arrived: a real-life Good Samaritan!

  • Hugh Butler - Head Gardener, Alexandra Park, Hastings

    Joint Winner July 2011

    Hugh "Dave" Butler is the Head Gardener at Alexandra Park and was nominated by Horticultural Development Manager, Andy Kauffman for his support during the judges visit for the prestigious BALI awards. Andy says, "What Hugh achieved in the time frame on site with his team was above and beyond the all of duty". Russ Kirk, Operations Manager, also added: "Hugh certainly enhanced our chances of collecting an award due to his extremely professional approach and high standards."

  • Harry Poole - Horticulture Apprentice, Selly Oak

    Winner June 2011

    Harry earned compliments from the Friends of Cotteridge Park for his hard work on the day of this year's CoCoMad Festival.

    The Group's Chair said in a letter to Quadron: "All the staff who were here on the day worked so hard, but Harry, seeing that the good weather was keeping the audience here longer than expected, stayed for two additional hours helping with the clean up. He was also invaluable sorting the road closures."

    Contract Manager Paul Spinks, who nominated Harry for this month's award, says "Harry was in charge of four staff and that included doing a road closure round the site to allow for the Carnival procession to proceed safely; he also worked above and beyond the hours to make sure the event was a success and fully deserves to be nominated for the award."

    Emma MacPherson, one of the CoCoMad Festivals organisers showed her appreciation by presenting Harry with his award.

  • Carlton Johnson & Simon Hunt - Gardener & Team Leader, Southwark

    Winners May 2011

    Carlton and Simon were nominated as joint Employees of the Month by Southwark Contract Manager Simon Cummins, who says, "Simon and Carlton both work tirelessly at Russia Dock Woodland and their efforts have resulted in Green Flags being awarded at Russia Dock Woodland for the past 3 years as well as recently being awarded a Silver Award in the Mayor of London's Safer Parks Awards."

    Their effort have also been commended by local parks users, including the Chairman of the Friends of Russia Dock Woodland who complimented them on "the excellent work, commitment and decency they display on an everyday basis."

  • Steve Joynes - Horticulture Apprentice, Selly Oak

    April 2011 Winner

    After leaving school, Steve, who has always had a keen interest in horticulture, began working for Quadron as a seasonal operative. As soon as the opportunity arose, Steve began his Apprenticeship training towards an NVQ Level 2 qualification (his case study features on our Apprentices page).

    Steve was nominated by Contract Manager, Paul Spinks, who commented: "Steve thoroughly deserves this award for all his hard work and effort and commitment to the Company, particularly his positive attitude to working on the Biodiversity Team where he volunteers his spare time at weekends to work on projects. He is doing very well in his Apprenticeship and we are looking forward to him being a valuable asset to the Company in the future."

    Steve added, "I am delighted to have received this award; its great to work for a company that appreciate my work and effort. I would personally like to thank you for the award and also for giving me a career."

  • Colin Ashplant - Operative, Teignbridge

    March 2011 Winner

    Based at Newton Abbot, Colin is a valued member of the team on Quadron's Teignbridge contract, earning compliments from the client for his dedication and hardwork.

    Colin was nominated for Employee of the Month by Teignbridge Contract Manager, Mark Dawes, who said: "The client has commented on the dedication and hard work Colin has put in at 'The Den' on Teignmouth Sea Front to make this high profile site a credit to Quadron and Clients alike."

  • Ian Fulwell - Assistant Contract Manager, Yardley

    February 2011 Winner

    Ian has worked in grounds maintenance for 26 years and has provided many years of outstanding service to horticulture.

    Ian's recent achievements include successfully undergoing Assist Training to enable him to carry out inductions on ride on and hand held machinery and for which he has received plenty of positive feedback from his trainees.

    Contract Manager, Phil Garrett who nominated Ian for the award said, "Ian leads by example and is unflappable under pressure. He organises the workload to adapt to the ever changing needs of the day and does this in a thoroughly professional manner.

    Ian has developed a good working relationship with the client which leads to an honest and open way of operating; not satisfied with just delivering a normal level of service, Ian will always go the extra mile to add value to the work we do whenever possible."

    Accepting his award, Ian said, "I am really pleased to receive this award and grateful to Quadron for recognising my efforts. I recently enjoyed the Lantra training and enjoy carrying out the training sessions to the staff I always enjoy a fresh challenge and now look forward to the next one."

  • Sam Anstee - Gardener, Burgess Park Mobile Team, Southwark

    January 2011 Winner

    Sam started his employment with Quadron as an apprentice in August 2007 (his case study features on our Apprentice page). Sam passed his NVQ training and was promoted to a gardener in Camberwell New Cemetery where he worked as part of the team and improved upon his skills and knowledge.

    Sam has never had a day off from work due to sickness or absence and has always been a model employee. Sam is now working on the Burgess mobile alongside Freddie Duke who says: "As Sam's Team Leader I would like to nominate him for The Employee of the Month Award because he is always willing to take on any task and does it to the best of his ability, he is flexible, positive, motivated and reliable, and always ready to learn something new".

  • Sarah Pollard - Supervisor, Hastings

    December 2010 Winner

    Sarah Pollard has been recognised as Quadron's Employee of the Month for December for her professionalism and dedication in ensuring work at Alexandra Park, Hastings continued to run smoothly during a challenging time while the local manager was sick, and for making sure the professional standards demanded by the client were met.

    Steve Mckeown, Area Manager commented: "Sarah has provided invaluable support to me during this period and has maintained the client relationship superbly."

  • Graham Paterson - Head Gardener, Kensington & Chelsea

    November 2010 Winner

    The Employee of the Month Award for November goes to Graham Paterson in recognition of his commitment to delivering the best possible experience to the users of the parks and open spaces of Kensington and Chelsea.

    Senior Contract Manager, Ben Binnell commented: "Graham puts in 110% effort and is never too busy to help his colleagues. He is a valued asset to the business and always goes above and beyond what is required of him".

  • Nikki Patterson - Team Leader, Medway

    October 2010 Winner

    Nikki took on management of the whole depot while the Contracts Manager was on holiday and the Assistant Contracts Manager was in hospital. She conducted herself in an extremely professional manner, leading teams efficiently throughout the contract and keeping them focussed on the tasks in hand, while also managing to keep the contract running smoothly and to the Customer's requirements.

    Rob Lucas, Operations Manager for Greenspace Services, noted: "Nikki led and motivated her staff with the authority of someone has been in position for many years and is a real asset to Quadron".

  • Brian Davis - Grounds Maintenance Operative, Birmingham

    September 2010 Winner

    Brian Davis, Grounds Maintenance Operative, has been with Quadron since 2009 and is an invaluable asset to the Birmingham Hodge Hill Contract.
    He arrives almost an hour early for work each day, opening all of the offices, garages and sheds as he has done since he started.

    Principally, his job involves marking out summer and winter sports pitches. However, he also liaises with football teams and schools to ensure he and his team mates meet their needs, whilst meticulously preparing and repairing cricket pitches.

    Brian is a well-liked and respected member of the team who always makes sure each job is completed by the end of the day and is willing to stay behind if any breakdowns occur.

    After his last team-mate goes home, Brian ensures all of the machines are locked safely in the garages and that the offices are safely locked before he finally locks the gate for the day.

    Brian is always more than willing to do what is asked of him, he often puts himself out to help others and is a committed member of the team.

  • Paul Welch - Supervisor, Hastings

    August 2010 Winner.

    This month's award goes to Paul Welch as acknowledgement of his forty years of continuous dedicated service to ensuring high quality standards in Hastings parks and open spaces.

    Paul joined Hastings Borough Council as a trainee gardener at the age of 15 with a starting salary of £5.15s for a 40 hour week.

    His ambition was to become a tractor driver, which he achieved after 23 lunch time lessons costing 90p each! At a celebratory lunch attended by colleagues, Client officers, friends and family and many former colleagues, Paul was presented with a die-cast model tractor and then led outside to where an old Massey Ferguson tractor the very same model he had used 40 years ago was parked next to its modern-day version! Pauls enthusiasm has not waned in the intervening years since passing his test and he leapt eagerly onto the tractor for a drive around, just like the newly-qualified 17 year old had done!

  • Roger Clark - Grounds Maintenance Operative, Mendip District Council

    July 2010 Winner

    "Roger's outputs in July have been quite outstanding with large amounts of ad hoc work being completed, for example installing bins, repairing and painting street furniture and installing street signs, all completed within tight time scales, Roger is happy to turn his hand to any type of work with a professional attitude and excellent workmanship.

    Roger is also a stand-in caretaker at our District Council offices (MDC) on a subcontract basis to CAPITA services, a position which holds a large amount of responsibility in dealing with security and day to duties within the complex. I have recently received comments and praise in both fields mentioning Rogers conduct and dedication to his work for Quadron and the clients of MDC. I am delighted he has achieved this award in recognition for his work efforts for Quadron. Well done Roger." Wayne Frapple, Contract Manager.

    Karen Miller, facilities management supervisor for Mendip District Council's offices, said: "Roger is a hard working member of the Quadron team, and this is especially evident when he is working here on-site at the council offices in Shepton Mallet. He is someone who is happy to turn his hand to most tasks and is always enthusiastic in his work. I am delighted that he has been recognised as employee of the month as he takes such pride in any job that he is asked to complete."

    Contract supervisor Mark Goodland added "I would like to congratulate Roger on his employee of the month award. Roger has always approached all aspects of work with enthusiasm and professionalism. In this last month Roger has turned out a high quality amount of work, recognised and praised by our clients at MDC, Well done Roger, keep up the good work!"

  • Rob Brixey - Grounds Maintenance Operative, Medway Council

    June 2010 winner

    "Rob has been extremely helpful over the last few months cutting his normal round and also taking on the steep banks at sites which others could not do. He has also taken days out to try and teach staff the best way of cutting banks" - Damon Lee, Assistant Contract Manager

    "He is a real asset" Steve McKeown, Area Manager

  • Phil Holland - Head Gardener, Aston Park

    May 2010

    Phil works at Aston Park maintaining the site with his assistant, Gurbax Chand. Contract Manager Andy Court nominated Phil because "he is very committed to his duties, shows good initiative and produces a high standard of maintenance at this now highly regarded heritage site. The gardens and grounds are a popular attraction for visitors to the newly refurbished hall. Phil's knowledge and enthusiasm will be a great asset to the contract and the future of Aston Park."

    Phil commented that "never in my service with any company have I ever been nominated let alone achieved this accolade, I'm very proud of what I have achieved and appreciate the support from Quadron. I always endeavour to maintain high standards and with the site being included in The Britain in Bloom for Birmingham and nominated for a BALI award I hope my efforts gain greater recognition."

  • Nathan Mills - Team Leader, Dulwich Park

    April 2010 winner

    Andy Chatterton, London Borough of Southwark Standards Officer commented that "Nathan originally took on the role as Acting Team Leader in August 2009 and formally from November after a very successful trial period. He is a very strong motivator and works extremely hard with his team, often working after hours to ensure specific operations are completed in short timescales. Nathan provides very detailed information with highlighted maps on a weekly basis and ensures documentation covering pre-arranged operations for staff is given to me, before taking leave. Whilst I appreciate the very high standard of maintenance at Dulwich Park is a strong team effort, it is good to see that Quadron recognises Nathan's leadership".

  • Paul Hopkins - Supervisor, Wokingham

    March 2010 winner

    "Paul's recent success on the Lantra-Awards trainer Course is testament to the amount of effort he put in to the course." said Stuart Munro, Contract Manager. "His achievement will be of great benefit to our contract in the future, not only in the further development of other employees' skills levels, but also in improving service delivery & achieving a greater awareness of the importance of health & safety in the working environment as a whole, keeping Quadron No 1 Grounds Maintenance contractor".

    Paul said that "I am pleased that after 20 years in our industry I was recognised as having the potential to take on the course and not only develop my own skills & qualifications but be able to, in the future, develop those of my work colleagues in a safe and professional manner.

    I look forward to being a key part in the future development of Quadron employees and to continuing my own professional development".

  • Venda Thompson - HR Administrator

    February 2010 winner

    "Venda has rolled up her sleeves to make the office a clean and tidy environment. She retains humour and an even temperament when faced with a high volume of work to tight deadlines. Venda will turn her hand to and volunteer for any task, however onerous, if it will help the team out. All in all she is a great team player." Aly Dickinson, Senior HR Manager.

  • Jason Tomlin - Burgess Park Gardener

    January 2010 winner

    "Since Jason has taken on a full time position with us at Burgess Park he is developing into a highly capable gardener always eager to learn and is very enthusiastic in all that he does. We have enrolled Jason onto the NVQ2 Amenity Horticulture course and he is demonstrating to all the knowledge he has gained from his training by the quality of work and improvement in standards that he is bringing into the park. This has been noticed by all, most notably our client who has been impressed by his attitude, commitment and quality of service. I believe that Jason shows the capability of stepping into a supervisor position within the not too distant future." Simon Cummins, Senior Contract Manager.

  • Nikki Patterson - Grounds Maintenance Operative, Medway

    December 2009 winner

    Nikki deserves this award "For showing a can-do attitude and always doing her best to ensure everything is done to a high standard, keeping the office up to date with any issues arising on site.

    She stands in for supervisors, showing her ability to lead, and she is an exemplary presentation of a good grounds maintenance operative." Colinda Le Gall, Contract Manager, Medway.

  • Shaun Baker - Grave Digger/Gardener - Mendip District Council

    November 2009 winner

    Shaun has been with Quadron since 2002 and forms one half of the grave digging team.

    Contract Manager Wayne Frapple recommended Shaun for the Employee of the Month in November. "Over the past month we have received numerous calls and emails regarding Shaun's attitude and work ethics/performance; he was even mentioned in a recent client meeting commenting on his presentation at ceremonies" said Wayne. "I am pleased that Shaun received the Award for November as it was a difficult time for us due to the torrential rain, with graves filling with water as we fast as we could dig them, to the extent that we were removing water as funeral parties arrived. Shaun showed great work ethics and catered for everyone's health and safety with a professional attitude and caring manner."

    Shaun was shocked to receive the award and said "Well I was only doing my job as best as I could in the conditions. Its hard enough digging graves but when the water is pouring in as fast as you can dig them it makes it a whole lot harder to do; you have to get it perfect and leave it as tidy as possible."

    Contract Supervisor Mark Goodland also commented on Shaun's performance "Shaun deserves this award, as he pulled out all the stops and worked above and beyond expectations; well done Shaun. Shaun is a credit to Quadron here in Mendip: 'Well done' from all the team.

    Mandy Lee, Funeral Director had praise too: "I am pleased to hear that Shaun has been nominated employee of the month. As a Funeral Director who often uses your services, Shaun has shown initiative in problem solving and thinking quickly on his feet. During the last few weeks of November when we had a lot of rain and the graves at East Hill were back filling with water, Shaun kept me and Cheryl informed of the progress and any problems, but when I arrived at the graveside everything was perfect. Can you please, on behalf of myself and my staff at Adlams Funeral Directors, thank Shaun and congratulate him, "WELL DONE".

    And Client Officer Cheryl Norton of Mendip District Council's Bereavement Services added "we are very pleased that Shaun has been awarded Employee of the Month. This winter has seen a particularly wet spell and we are aware of how difficult this can make grave digging. Shaun took responsibility and demonstrated commitment to the service to ensure that graves were well presented and not waterlogged, often pumping them out until just before the mourners arrived. Although the mourners cannot be expected to know what is involved, funeral directors certainly do and we received reports from them commending Shaun's efforts."

  • Jo Pryor - Assistant Compliance Manager

    October 2009 winner

    Jo did some sterling work in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea to enable the retention of ISO 9001 in October and also came up with the brilliant suggestion of an Intranet site.

    The intranet site is now underway with all company policies, procedures, standard forms, risk and coshh assessments and safe working practices being available on it and with more and more being added to it all the time.

    "Jo quietly and diligently gets on with her work ensuring quality systems are in place throughout the organisation" said line manager John Black, "she is heavily involved with the process of gaining accreditation for the entire organisation for ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001."

  • Ric Glenn - Head Gardener - Dulwich Park

    September 2009 winner

    As head gardener of Dulwich Park, Ric is very popular with all the parks users and liaises with all the various interested parties to help to make the park exactly what they all expect it to be. Over and above the usual call of duty, he stepped up of his own volition to cover the Dulwich area supervisor who was off work for four weeks recovering from an operation. During this time Ric demonstrated excellent leadership and organisational skills as well as keeping up with his own work.

    Pictured are Ric Glenn (centre), Andy Chatterton (right), Standard Officer for The London Borough of Southwark, and Chris Moor, Quadron Contracts Manager.

    Andy said "Dulwich Park has become an integral part of the local community and much thanks goes out to Ric and the whole team that work there."

    Ric said "it was a great honour to receive this award not just for myself but for the whole team at Dulwich Park. Chris Moor said "it is fantastic that Ric's efforts have been rewarded. Ric works to the highest professional standards and is a pleasure to work with."

  • Adrian Doggett - Grounds Maintenance Operative, South Bristol

    August 2009 winner

    The August award goes to Adrian in recognition of his excellent output in terms of both quantity and quality which has resulted in many compliments and a vastly improved appearance of local verges and parks.

    Supervisor Dave Lucaszewski commented that Adrian is a very willing individual and a real pleasure to work with and Contract Manager John Walters praised his high outputs which led to an enhanced service this summer.

    Adrian stated that it was nice that his hard work was recognised by the company and said how much he was enjoying working for Quadron.

  • Ana Beliak - Park Keeper, Holland Park

    July 2009 winner

    Quadron Services continued in its commitment to recognise the dedication and professionalism of its staff by announcing Ana Beliak, a Park Keeper from Kensington and Chelsea, as July employee of the month.

    Ana, who has been working for Quadron since May 2007, was chosen from amongst 750 employees, having been nominated for the award by Steve McKenna, Quadron's Senior Contract Manager for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Contract.

    In nominating Ana, Steve said "Having only joined Quadron in late April I initially thought it would be very difficult for me to have gained sufficient knowledge of my staff to be able to nominate anyone from my team for this award but I could not have been more mistaken. I had no hesitation in nominating Ana, her effort and work ethic are second to none and in terms of her dedication, all round performance and sheer effort she is simply a model employee. Ana has a very quiet and unassuming nature and because of this her exemplary efforts and performance could easily be taken for granted. She is the kind of person who sees what needs to be done and quietly just gets on with it".

    Leonie Castro, Assistant Head Gardener at Holland Park, said "I am delighted for Ana she really deserves this, she is a real team player and can always be relied upon to give 100%. The Holland Park team all love Ana as she always has a big smile on her face and is always prepared to help anyone. The standard of work Ana achieves is always so very high, particularly the Kyoto Gardens".

    Ana was presented with the Employee of the Month Certificate, along with a personal letter of thanks from Clive Ivil, Managing Director, and 50 Marks and Spencer gift certificate in thanks for her commitment and dedication.

    Graham Vincent, the Royal Borough's Grounds Contracts Manager said "Ana was trained to maintain the Kyoto Garden and she takes a real pride in making sure it always looks stunning; she makes a real difference in Holland Park and is very deserving of the award".

    When asked how she felt about receiving the award Ana said "I am really shocked and surprised by the whole thing. I am very grateful to those who nominated me and would like to thank Quadron Services for choosing me but I think I was just doing my job".

  • Mark Imms - Ladywood Contract, Birmingham

    June 2009 winner

    Mark Imms, one of our team members working on the Ladywood Contract for Birmingham City Council, received an award of recognition from the Managing Director,Clive Ivil, in June 2009.

    Quadron recognises Mark's work contribution and continued flexibility and dedication to the Company. Mark is always willing to assist wherever he can whilst constantly demonstrating his professionalism and dedication to his duties. Mark has forged excellent relationships with clients and colleagues and is a highly regarded member of the Ladywood Contract team.

    Andy Court, Contract Manager for the Ladywood Contract, said, "Mark always shows great pride in his work and his duties and is always willing to pass on his knowledge to others. He is a great asset to the Contract."

    Paul Joyce, one of Mark's working colleagues commented, "I am really proud of Mark for his achievement in receiving this award. I am pleased to see that Quadron have recognised Mark's commitment"

    These positive qualities were echoed by Peter Short, Constituency Parks Manager for the Ladywood area of Birmingham City Council, who stated, "Ever since Mark has come to the Ladywood Contract, I have been impressed by his dedication and hard work. His attention to detail and insistence that the task is completed to the highest standard is laudable. Mark's nomination for this award is a true reflection of his commitment and hard work"

    Mark responded by saying, "I am thrilled to receive the award. This is totally unexpected and I'm overwhelmed that the Company has chosen me. It is a great personal achievement as I always put in 100% effort."