Health and Safety Systems

Quadron operates robust health and safety systems to ensure the wellbeing of its staff and members of the public at all times.

Quadron carries out its grounds maintenance operations in a way that safeguards the health and safety of its employees and members of the public at all times. We aim not only to meet, but to exceed our statutory health and safety obligations.

Quadron has developed robust systems of health and safety, which are regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure continued improvement.  A copy of Quadron's health and safety policy statement can be viewed via the Downloads link on the right of this page.

Quadron is accredited with CHAS and Exor (Gold standard) and is a member of RoSPA and the CIEH.  In 2015, the Company was awarded the RoSPA Gold Award  for Occupational Health and Safety in recognition of its commitment to making Quadron a safe place to work. We hold Public and Employer's Liability insurance to a value of 10,000,000 GBP and Professional Indemnity Insurance of 5,000,000 GBP.

Health and Safety Manager - Quadron employs a dedicated Health and Safety Manager, Steve Plumley, who is responsible for all day-to-day health, safety and compliance issues (ultimate responsibility for the company's health and safety lies with the Managing Director, Clive Ivil).

Steve joined Quadron in 2008 and has many years' experience as a Health and Safety Manager. He holds NEBOSH Diplomas in Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Management and is a registered trainer with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and the British Safety Council (BSC).  Steve regularly visits Quadron's contracts to deliver courses such as Health & Safety awareness, Manual Handling, Risk Assessments, Principles of COSHH and First Aid.  

Quadron's Health & Safety Manager Steve Plumley leads induction training for new employees

Communicating health and safety matters to the workforce - We implement the following systems to bring Health and Safety to the notice of our employees:

  • Staff induction - On day one of their employment, each new employee is led through the contents of the Health and Safety Manual and the procedures contained within. Only when the inducting manager is happy that the operative fully understands what has been explained to them will they be allowed to commence work. Even short term agency staff undergo the health and safety induction process.
  • Small Plant Induction Training - Staff are trained in basic procedures regarding the operation of vehicles, equipment and machinery, as appropriate to their role. Safe Working Practice Notes are issued to reinforce this training. The induction process is delivered by senior staff who hold supervisory posts, or are long-term members of staff who hold a recognised qualification in the skill in which they are inducting new staff, for example our Lantra-Awards accredited in-house trainers. In the case where a recognised qualification issued by an independent examining body is required either by law or by company policy, e.g. the application of pesticides, or tractor driving, staff will not be authorised to operate these items of equipment until they have obtained the required qualifications.
  • E-learning modules on our intranet system - All staff are required to pass Quadron's E-Learning module on health and safety prior to commencing work.
  • Staff Health & Safety Representatives - Regular consultation makes a significant contribution to effective management of Health and Safety. Employees are required not only to report accidents and near misses, but concerns and suggestions for improving safety standards.  Staff are requested to elect a fellow employee to represent them in discussions with the management team on all issues relating to Health and Safety.
  • Contract Health & Safety Consultative meetings - All senior members of staff within a contract and the workers' nominated Health and Safety representative attend regular meetings with the Contract Manager and Health and Safety Manager to discuss and review Health and Safety issues. The notes of meetings are published and displayed on the staff health and safety notice boards, which are prominently located at each depot.
  • Company Intranet -  All staff have access to Quadron's intranet which holds the full library of policies and procedures, including the health and safety policy, risk assessments, safe working practices and COSHH assessments.
  • Tool-box Talks - The contract teams hold regular "Tool Box Talks" giving a further opportunity to discuss and re-iterate safety information.
  • Monitoring and auditing to ensure compliance - It is vital that consistent, reliable information is gathered at regular intervals and collated at a central point in order that overall corporate compliance and performance can be reviewed: this is also a statutory requirement. To this end the Company has a formal system of monthly accident reporting and half yearly monitoring. Monitoring enables patterns, trends and common problems to be identified, in turn enabling the Company to take effective action, establish priorities, identify training needs, allocate resources etc.
  • Ongoing Training - Quadron is a registered training centre with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Steve Plumley, the Company's Health and Safety Manager, is qualified to deliver internal courses such as Health and Safety awareness,  Manual Handling, Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments and First Aid, and regularly visits each contract to deliver group training sessions.

Carrying out equipment safety checks during small plant induction training

Other measures to promote safe working:

Maintenance and inspections of tools and plant - All plant and tools are inspected before use and maintained as per the manufacturer's and PUWER Regulations.

Issue of protective clothing - Staff are issued with protective clothing and are trained in the use and maintenance of this equipment. All Quadron staff wear a clearly identifiable uniform and carry a photo ID card.

Approved operators - Specific tasks are identified e.g. strimmer operation, tractor driving etc., and for each operation a list of trained staff is maintained. Only staff with their name on the list are allowed to operate the equipment specified. Names are only be entered on this list upon completion of a previously identified qualification e.g. NPTC MO1 for tractor driving.

Signing and guarding - Appropriate staff are trained to sign and guard work sites as per the New Street Works Act for works that close or restrict both the vehicle and pedestrian highway.

First aid provision - All depots are supplied with a first aid kit and eye wash bottles as required. In addition Quadron vehicles carry basic first aid kits and eye wash bottles. There is always a competent First Aider available within the contract area as required by the Health and Safety Regulations.

Accidents - All accidents involving injury and/or damage to property/equipment, together with all near misses, are recorded, investigated and reported as required by the HSE and RIDDOR regulations.