Partnering with Quadron

Traditional values - The company believes that a successful partnering agreement is built upon firm foundations encompassing values such as honesty, transparency and respect.

Stakeholders - The involvement of all stakeholders is crucial, embracing suppliers, subcontractors, employees and all related interest groups such as Friends of Parks organisations, sports clubs, allotment associations, tenants representatives and internal client departments for example. This can also extend to other service providers to ensure that all work in harmony, providing a seamless service for local residents.

Working methods - Collaborative working is at the heart of partnering. Consultative working methods, drawing upon feedback from multiple sources taking into account the views of all stakeholders, are essential for the provision of a customer driven service. Working methods adopted include open book accounting systems, joint resourcing decisions and target setting as well as capped profits or profit share arrangements.

Advantages - Mutual advantages to such arrangements include flexibility of service provision, enabling it to evolve with changing stakeholder requirements and focus upon the real aspirations of service users, as well as financial stability and security with reduced risk for all parties.

Resulting in Best Value - A successful partnership leads to a measurable and continually improving best value service where a greater percentage of the contract cost is incurred providing service enhancing factors rather than overhead and contingency.