Quadron's in-house Quality and Contract Management system, CORMS is ISO 9001 accredited, guaranteeing high quality service delivery.

Quadron gained ISO 9001 accreditation in 2005 for its quality systems in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and is in the process of gaining accreditation throughout the whole company.

Quadron's systematic quality procedures guarantee and provide evidence of the meeting of contract standards. Whilst there is one overall quality principle and overriding structure, the actual systems in use are flexible enough to adapt to each client's system, interfacing effectively with SBS Confirm or Lagan for example.

CORMS - our in-house CORMS system is successfully used for many of our contracts, chosen by clients for its simplicity and clarity as it has the functionality of an off-the-shelf package without the cost. Its main features include:

  • Work Scheduling System: Annual Operational Plan;
  • Job Sheets derived from the Annual Plan
  • Detailed weekly work instructions per team
  • Additional work records
  • Job completion reports
  • Client Progress reports
  • Self Monitoring Records
  • Service Improvement Database.

Performance Monitoring - A self monitoring database enables every task on every site to be inspected. Supervisors use tablet pcs with 3g card or PDAs to input their monitoring activities directly onto the database. This feeds into a Traffic Light System which immediately notifies the contract management team of any area that is falling behind standard, enabling corrective action to be taken promptly.

Service Improvement System - Quadron's Service Improvement System (Q-SIS) is a live, web-based system and is used to record, collate, analyse and monitor all customer feedback, including compliments and complaints.  The system features an automatic escalation system to ensure complaints are dealt with promptly and Quadron can grant system access to the Client via a secure web-portal to ensure transparency.  The reports generated by Q-SIS are analysed and used to drive service improvements.

Client Reports - Results of the monitoring activities together with other reports generated from the system as described above are given to the client as often as required and can form the basis of the contract review meetings.

KPI reporting - Quadron also uses KPIs to measure its performance and set targets for improvements. These are developed in conjunction with each client in order to be bespoke to the specific needs of each contract.