Birmingham City Council

Quadron is very proud to have been awarded five contracts with Birmingham City Council, for Yardley, Hodge Hill, Hall Green, Selly Oak and Ladywood constituencies.

Quadron commits to assisting Birmingham in achieving top quality performance and its vision as a global city with a local heart; a cleaner, greener and safer city, which will enable all its richly diverse communities to benefit from a better quality of life.

Quadron's investment in Birmingham includes over 3.5m in environmentally friendly vehicles and plant resources as well as a significantly enhanced management structure.

One of the main features of the bid is the introduction of a Horticultural Development Manager to liaise with the many stakeholder groups, in particular Birmingham Open Spaces Forum (BOSF) and other local community groups. Nicola Clarke started in the summer of 2009 and has already made a significant impact in ensuring that the service delivered matches the specific needs of local users through regular meetings and consultation. Specific achievements include:

  • close liaison with all the friends of groups
  • successful funding applications on behalf of local community groups
  • winter & summer hanging basket workshops
  • In Bloom garden competition judging for local groups and Birmingham City Council (BCC) Housing and Judge for Heart of England in Bloom
  • tree planting with Birmingham Trees for Life and local communities
  • the writing and compilation of a Green Flag Management Plan for Ward End Park on behalf of Birmingham City Council - resulting in the winning of its first Green Flag in 2010!
  • providing advice and support to BCC and Friends group on the Green Flag Management Plan for Cotteridge Park
  • spearheading and rolling out of Biodiversity Champions projects
  • Working on BCC Conservation Committee
  • Working on Selly Oak Environmental Committee
  • facilitating community work
  • Assisting BCC with its bird survey - see the download document on the right
  • Horticultural training for the Grow It, Eat It, Move It, Live It project.

Quadron has also offered assistance and sponsorship to many community associations, friends groups and local committees, for example Birmingham City Council Housing, BOSF, Birmingham District Allotment Council (BDAC), Moseley in Bloom, Highbury Park Friends, Friends of Cotteridge Park, Friends of Ward End Park and Heart of England in Bloom.

Please see the Case Studies and Downloads to the right of this page to read about some of the projects Quadron has been involved in.

Working in cooperation with King's Heath Park Horticultural Training School, the company is also making substantial investment in training and apprenticeship programmes to improve the overall skills levels within the workforce. Three new apprentices have started this year and NVQ2 training is ongoing. The five assistant contract managers have recently undergone eleven days of intensive training to enable them to qualify as Lantra-Awards instructors and they are now able to give accredited training to their colleagues and all new recruits.

Investment has also been made in a new fleet of over 70 vehicles including 55 VW Crafters with Blue TDI engines. This was a record order for Volkswagen. The Crafter's certification as an EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle) was one of the main factors in the decision. A host of mechanical enhancements has enabled reduced fuel consumption and emissions beyond the latest Euro5 standards. Emissions of particulates, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide are half way to meeting the next Euro6 standard, thus protecting Birmingham's air quality for the next few years!

A further environmental initiative is the introduction of five Biodiversity Champions, whose role is to raise awareness of environmental issues within the workforce and to work closely with the Horticultural Development Manager and Client Officers to adapt working practices accordingly. They also work with local volunteers on community projects, such as a Clearance Day at Saltley Pools (please see the download on the right for further details).

If you have any comment regarding our service provision please complete our Feedback Form: it is only through listening to the views of our customers that we are able to continually improve and adapt the service to meet the evolving needs of the local population.