The London Borough of Southwark

With its previous contract with The London Borough of Southwark stretching back to 1996, Quadron was very pleased to re-win this and an additional area in 2004 to create an Integrated Parks and Grounds Management Contract for the entire borough. A five-year extension was currently made to the original contract term. When the contract was re-tendered in 2016, Quadron was delighted to be re-awarded the contract, with the partnership now potentially continuing until 2030.

The contract is divided into five areas, each centred around a major park: Peckham Rye, Burgess, Dulwich, Southwark and Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park. In order to provide effective customer and client liaison in each area, Quadron has mirrored its client's structure and provided a supervisor for each area and head gardener for each of the five major parks.

Historic Dulwich Park has been awarded a BALI National Award in 2010, described by the judge as being one of the best parks he has ever seen: a real accolade to the park's team.  The Borough received a further accolade in 2013 with a BALI Principal Award for Burgess Park in recognition of its high standards of maintenance, client satisfaction levels and community involvement, and this was followed with a BALI National Award for Southwark Park in 2014.

Southwark now has 25 Green Flag parks, gaining more each year, with Victory Community Park and Pasley Park being the newest additions in 2016. This is the third highest number of Green Flags held by any Local Authority in England, and great news for the people of Southwark, who enjoy the benefits of local green spaces of the very highest standards.

Quadron introduced electric vehicles into its parks in Southwark. The fleet of Diablines was the largest in the UK at the time, although it has now been replaced with JD E-Gators. With a range of 35 miles and speed limited to 30mph they are ideal for use in parks. They have zero emissions, and being small and light, cause less damage to pathways and grass areas than traditional vehicles. They are cheap to run and popular with staff and parks users alike.

Each park has an active and vocal "Friends of" group, whose meetings Quadron representatives attend. We also encourage group members to join Quadron and client staff on site in "walkabouts". Such face to face contact enables issues to be discussed and mutually resolved and leads to a much closer understanding between the parties.

Steve Cornish (Friends of Russia Dock Woodland Chair) says "Quadron have been our woodlands contractor for three years now. They are doing an excellent job in keeping our 30 acre woodland spic and span. The general public have built up a very good relationship with our two full time Quadron employees, who not only get on with their daily chores but respond to any problems which may arise from day to day. Russia Dock Woodland is only one mile from the City of London in a very built up and urban part of the capital, so we do have a fair share of anti social behaviour which we are gradually getting on top of. I generally meet with the two Quadron employees on a daily basis for any updates or any problems. Quadron's managers meet with us on site or at our regular meetings at all times."

Quadron Friends Newsletters ("Groundbreakers") are also published quarterly and circulated to all "Friends of" group members, by email or hard copy if preferred. Feedback on these has been very positive. The group members like to be kept informed and involved in what is going on with their service.

Our staff and training development has resulted in all staff on the contract attaining a NVQ2 in Amenity Horticulture with a further 15 staff achieving the NVQ3 also in amenity horticulture. Southwark's apprenticeship programme has gone from strength to strength, with apprentice Natalie Meredith having been named as Green-tech's Landscape Apprentice of the Year for 2013 and her fellow apprentice, Paul Sellars, won a London Garden Society award for showing a pride in London through horticulture  This ongoing development has meant that we have exceeded client KPI performance scores and continue to strive for improved quality performance across the Borough.

Case studies:

PwC Volunteers, Southwark Park

Quadron Southwark staff qualify              World Peace Corps volunteers
 as Green Flag judges                        

Ingeus volunteers help with                        Staff Development and
conservation tasks in Burgess Park           Progression: Dominic Andrews

American Express Volunteers                   Corporate Volunteering and
help develop Nature Area in                        Fun Day in Burgess Park
Burgess Park

Corporate Volunteers help with               Corporate Volunteers help with
Conservation at Southwark's                   Conservation at Southwark's
Nunhead Cemetery (Part 1)                       Nunhead Cemetery (Part 2)

Quadron Apprentice Paul                    Quadron delivers another successful
Sellars wins London Garden               Volunteering Day at Dulwich Park
Society Award

Nunhead Cemetery benefits from              Record-breaking performance in
RHS Re-use Scheme                                     Southwark

Garden of Remembrance                            Training in Conservation and
Renovation Works                                         Volunteers Management

Quadron & Blue Sky continue                    Southwark Park - BALI Principal
successful relationship to help                 Award Winner 2014
ex-offenders back to work

Quadron trials herbicide-free                    Environmental Conservation -
weed control system                                   Training our people

Burgess Park - BALI Principal                                 Apprentice's Story -
Award Winner 2013                                                     Natalie Meredith

  Southwark staff turn detective                Burgess Park - Head Gardener's

Burgess Park Open Day                              Nunhead Cemetery Open Day

Charter School Planting at                             Promoting personal growth
Dulwich Park                                                      in Southwark