We commit to reducing our carbon footprint, in particular by reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to local sustainability.

Quadron aims to operate a green fleet, promoting a culture throughout the company that focuses on the efficient and cost effective use of transport and plant.

LPG Vehicles & Plant - We are currently successfully operating LPG vehicles and mowers. Environmental benefits include low noise levels and reduced emissions.

Small Electric Vehicles - We have a large fleet of electric powered service vehicles. These vehicles have many environmental advantages including zero emissions and noise pollution. Being small, they cause less erosion to pathways and grass areas in parks and less inconvenience to users. They have proved very popular with Friends Of groups.

Choice of fuels - Environmental best practice is frequently reviewed and balanced against operational viability. We have recently changed to using Bio-diesel fuel on some contracts, and all remaining vehicles are fuelled using ultra-low sulphur diesel.

Choice of vehicles - Vehicles are chosen for their environmental credentials. The latest choice is VW Crafters with Blue TDI engines. These have emissions beyond the latest Euro5 standard - the Crafter has achieved certification as an EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle). Emissions of particulates, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide from the Crafter's Blue TDI engine are almost half way to meeting the next Euro6 standard.

Staff Awareness training & driving techniques - Staff training is essential to ensure all employees are aware of the implications of their actions and how they can contribute to reducing polluton.

Reducing usage - The only long term solution to reducing traffic congestion and air pollution is to reduce the use of vehicles altogether by changing people's expectations and habits. Quadron takes the following action to minimise travel within its contract areas:

  • Localised working systems - deployment plans keep each employee within as small a geographic area as possible, maximising the use of static attendants.
  • Green Travel Plan - A travel plan evaluates options to maximise usage of public transport and alternatives such as bicycles and car sharing.
  • Company bicycles - Where distances permit, company bicycles are used by supervisors during the day to perform their quality control checks. We are in the process of implementing the government's "cycle scheme" whereby employees can purchase a bicycle on a "salary sacrifice" loan scheme.
  • Vehicle trackers - All vehicles and items of large plant are fitted with trackers which record their location, movements and speed. By analysis of this information action can be taken to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Monitoring of Emissions - Quadron is developing emissions monitoring systems using a Defra programme to evidence reduction in the company's carbon footprint on an ongoing basis.