Quadron implements a wide range of innovative means to improve sustainability.

Quadron is always willing to work with its clients to implement new and innovative ideas to improve its environmental performance. Some examples are given below.

Reducing the use of pesticides - alternative methods that we have introduced include the used of thermal weed control, mulching, hand hoeing and weeding and hot water and foam applicators to control growth.

Reducing water usage - to adapt to climate change we implement a variety of methods of reducing water usage, including increased mulching, incorporation of water retention agents, and sustainable planting schemes utilising drought tolerant plant material. We also harvest water using storage tanks and butts connected to rainwater down pipes in all depots.

Potless plant production - reuseable trays reduce wastage and labour costs whilst causing minimal disturbance to the plant's roots.

Office practices - staff training ensures an environmentally considerate culture: lights and office machinery are turned off when not in use, for example, paper is recycled and printing minimised. Low energy light bulbs, water hippos and thermostats all ensure efficient use of energy.