We ensure that all waste arisings are delivered to a nominated recycling site or composted on site as far as possible.

Compliance - Quadron holds a current waste carrier's licence and drivers are trained to use sheeting and cover loads to ensure they are transported without spillage.

Green waste - We prefer to use on-site composting schemes wherever possible, particularly in staffed parks. This saves on the financial and environmental cost of transportation as well as providing an abundant source of mulch on site: additionally it is encouraged as best practice as part of the Green Flag judgement criteria.

An additional benefit of recycling the green waste arisings on site as compost for shrub bed mulch is that this reduces the need for irrigation thereby conserving water, retaining ground water resources by reducing evaporation, reducing the need for the application of herbicides.

Other waste - All waste is streamed by type: aluminium drinks cans or waste metals for example are separated from the general waste stream and sent for recycling. Cleansing teams utilise a two bag approach, with a bag of one colour for non-recyclables and another for recyclables.

Reusable bulk bags are used to remove rubbish from site to tip thus reducing the need for black bags.